Player Rules                    

  1. You must ALWAYS respect the Staff and other Players.
  2. Players are NOT allowed to use hacking programs.
  3. Do NOT abuse Glitches/Bugs. If you find a Glitch/Bug, please notify a Staff member about it ASAP.
  4. Do NOT advertise a Website or Server.
  5. Do NOT beg for GM position. This will only LOWER your chances of being a GM.

                       GM Rules                       

  1. Do NOT abuse your commands. Example: !speak, !lolhaha, !dc, !warpallhere, etc.
  2. Give players the SAME respect that you would expect from THEM.
  3. GM's ARE allowed to use hacking programs, but NOT for the benefit of other players.
  4. GM's should NEVER give out items to players, unless told so either by Aaron or Philip.
  5. Do NOT ban a Player unless you have physical evidence of his/her wrong doing. Example: Screen Shot/Video.
  6. NEVER ask a player for his/her password for ANY reason.