ProjectShroom is officially in Beta Testing!

Remember, this is only Beta, not the finished version. That means that whatever you have in game, (rebirths, money, items) are not permanent, and may possibly be deleted in a character wipe if i choose one is necessary. Beta testing is meant to help the progress of server production, and make the overall game better for you and other players! The benefits of playing Beta are tremendous. After beta you get to keep your Beta Bandana, which is very powerful! Also you will already know the server well, the GM's and other players well, and you can keep your guilds! Most of you are going to be complaining about a possible wipe, i know, but there are good reasons for a wipe. The big reason why there will be a wipe is that we are going to lower the rates to make this a better gaming experience. Also it may be possible to obtain items that are in a quest that i'm making, or something else. So thank you for playing Beta, and thanks for your patience! ~Aaron